Tirupur Dyes And Chemicals Merchant's Association



Tirupur Dyes and Chemicals Merchants Association (DACMA) was established in the year 1988 to provide a platform to the dyes and chemical merchants to address their issues and find solutions to problems plaguing them. It plays an important role in the growth and development of the business in Tirupur City.

The Association was started in the year 1988 with Mr.Krishnamurthy as the president and Mr.K.V.Asokan as the secretary. All the dyes and chemicals merchants in Tirupur were inducted as the members of DACMA.

1992 - 1998 saw Mr.L. Narayanasamy as the president and Mr.K.Nagesh as the secretary under whom many new members were inducted to further strengthen DACMA.

From 1998 to 2000, Mr.P. Viswa Nathan and Mr.S. Manohar were elected as the president and secretary respectively. 26th of April 2000 is a date the DACMA members would not forget as it was the opening ceremony of the newly constructed building for the association.The building was inaugurated by Mr. Krishnaraj Vanavarayar , a well known industrialist from Coimbatore.The dream of building a new office for the association would not have been fruitful if not for the support the members and industrialists from related industries to the business.

For the term 2000 -2001, Mr.A. Kesavan was elected as the President and Mr.P.Baskaran was elected as the secretary. 2001 Mr.K.Nagesh was elected as the president and Mr.P. Baskaran continued as secretary.


Tirupur DACMA operates under the following objectives to effectively run the association and to benefit it's fellow members

  • To have a joint representation by way of an organised forum before various Government/Judiciai/QuasiJudicial authorities and before the other trade delegations and other associations.

  • To promote,regulate and safeguard the interests of the trade in general and of its members.

  • To diffuse knowledge and dissemination of information on the trade to its members

  • To promote unity among the members of the association and to foster their welfare.

Mr.L.Narayanaswamy - President

Mr.K.Vaidyanathan - VicePresident

Mr.V.PonSenthilnathan - Secretary

Mr.P.Baskaran - Treasurer

Mr.K.Sridhar - Joint Secretary